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WCDMA 500 photo Sony Ericsson j20 the first drop of 200

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) on July 28, 2010, Sony Ericsson J20 (licensed importers) in businesses "honest youth. phone network" Department of latest quotes is 2,098 Yuan (with votes), compared to zhiqian of price preferential has near 200 Yuan, businesses to out of accessories contains: single electric single filled, and headset, and data line, and invoice, and manual, and warranty card,. Sony Ericsson J20 is a paragraph has 5 million pixel photographed capacity of 3G fashion phone. figure for Sony Ericsson J20 Sony Ericsson J20 slide designs, lines, sharp, suitable for young people to buy, black and white color scheme looks generous fashion. screen, Sony Ericsson J20 uses a 2.4-inch screen at a resolution of 240x320 pixels of the mainstream, Displayed effect good. also, Sony Ericsson J20 no used any smart operating system, can playing sexual comparison lacks a points. the machine support WCDMA network, in 3G network Xia to quickly Internet. While Sony Ericsson J20 Hou reset has a shells 5 million pixel of camera, imaging capacity excellent, to shot back clear sharp of image, keep has Sony Ericsson has always of good quality. While have waterproof features and GPS navigation, overall performance comparison full balanced. figure for Sony Ericsson J20 Sony Ericsson J20 Sony Ericsson J20 (Hazel) standard GSM,WCDMA phone screen color main screen size: 2.6 inch 16 million color main screen parameters 240x320 pixel colors black, pink 16x49.5x102.5mm fuselage features recyclable plastic product dimensions, water paint, environmentally-friendly packaging description LED flash support 5 million pixel photo camera pixels maximum 2592x 1944 pixel photos shooting Bluetooth features support GPS features support waterproof features have waterproof performance edit comments: Sony Ericsson J20 used has environmental material design, this is now of fashion design trend has. and the machine support waterproof features, WCDMA network and 5 million pixel camera are comparison superior, currently 2000 Yuan away of price very has temptation force has, like of friends can and businesses contact. Sony Ericsson J20 (licensed importers)% 5 b the reference price of] 2098 Yuan (votes)] [ sales businesses honest youth. mobile-phone] 010-51282881 010-51284343[ stores[ businesses address]Air South building at 13th, ZHICHUN road, Haidian District, Beijing B-905# (South Gate of the Northern Bank of Dalian upstairs) handset price quotations for purchase above, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with article, please call the complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, will not be considered Advisory product price) * due to price fluctuations, Complaints for a period of 10 days from the date on which the article is published.

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Handwriting ultra-thin fashion Samsung e898 website listing

On October 15, 2006, in licensed importers market lead listed two days Hou, from Samsung of SGH-E898 revision machine also has listed has. in dealer "Beijing Ji Enji company", this paragraph phone parallel price for 2,990 Yuan, and licensed importers price gap for 800 Yuan. this paragraph phone is a paragraph very unique of products, because it is Samsung first used without physical keyboard, and full touch screen operation of phone. equipped with has 260,000 color QVGA screen casque monster beats, and 1.3 million pixel camera, it still maintained a slim figure, its measurements of only 99x49x14.6 mm, thickness of only 77 grams. photo: Samsung SGH-E898 phone Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports (October 15, 2006) models of Samsung SGH-E898 (parallel) latest price 2,990 body parameters the network frequency GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900MHz ; Fuselage size 99x49x14.6 mm; fuselage weight 77 grams; screen parameter 2.3 inches 260,000 color TFT material of color screen, resolution for 320x240 pixel beats by dre studio pas cher; chords ringtones 64 chords, support MP3, format of ringtones; standby interface built-in variety static and dynamic fine wallpaper, can set random wallpaper, support in more update pre-reset wallpaper Zhijian of automatically switch, and black/ white two species menu interface select; touch screen unique of touch set, Can calibration handwriting entered precision, and has colorful of handwriting set option; handwriting entered touch/ handwriting operation mode, regardless of with handwriting pen Browse menu or entered text, recognition rate high, and can calibration precision; style: brush/ pen (can select different color); recognition: can set a or two a entered District; Chinese SMS fuselage SMS: 200 article, 3D figure release SMS, in phone SMS receives set in the enabled "dynamic mode view", 3D SMS features that is started, Received received of text information will will to d figure release way vivid to displayed in screen Shang; multimedia SMS support; phone address book total 1000 article; support group management; memory capacity 50MB; storage card type support microSD card; Java extended support JAVA extended; camera pixel 1.3 million pixel; sensor type CMOS; zoom mode 4 times times digital zoom; photos resolution can shooting maximum 1280x1024 resolution of photos; video shooting Up to 352x288 resolution, you can choose whether to add a sound TV-out supported MP3 playerBuilt-in; support MP3 background play, built-in more first Korea line star representative tracks and the drama; support audio format MP3/AAC/AAC /e-AAC , can autonomous set play list, select loop mode and random play mode, support 3D sound effects and balanced Manager effect select, multiple visual effect,, in enjoy music of while can for Browse menu, and edit SMS, more items operation; Bluetooth interface Bluetooth 2.0, support Bluetooth stereo headset ; Data line interface data line interface; memorandum support; alarm clock support; schedule support; electronic dictionary support; calendar support; calculator support; ZOL phone channel specified dealer Beijing Ji Enji company phone: 010-63969833 63975151 (Princess graves shop) 010-59251102 (Chaoyang stores) address: Princess graves shop: new xingqiao southeast corner China Eagle building underlying traffic Bank next door town Chaoyang stores: towards outside Street Kun Thai Center Shop A-47, fashion boutique

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4.3-inch 1.4ghz wp7 ZTE Tania upgraded returned

In last year of communications exhibition Shang, ZTE carrying its latest Windows Phone7 system phone shines debut, this paragraph phone for "ZTE Tania". ZTE Tania zhiqian had has message reported htc, ZTE Tania in European market listed Hou will Yu this year July official in China listed. and according to recently of message, ZTE of this a intends to seems to has change, days Hou this paragraph phone will official returned, and will in original based Shang for upgrade Hou publishing. According to ZTE's Sales Director, said the other day, ZTE Tania will be published in the country by the end of this month beats by dre ibeats prix, and CPU upgraded from 1GHz to 1.4GHz. on other parameters, zhongxing Tania playing pick-up Windows Phone7 system cable monster in ear, runs Qualcomm S2 MSM8255T single core processor, 4.3-inch WVGA (800x480 pixels) screen, memory as a combination 512MB RAM 4GB ROM. , ZTE Tania thin fuselage, thickness of 10.7mm, 5 million pixel camera built, and equipped with LED flash. it is not currently clear ZTE Tania specific prices in the country. regions: thousands of smart machine what is of most concern? (Click on the preview to see the effect)

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Nokia Microsoft Apple attaches to the Android plat

Beijing time on November 05, 2007, by leading technology and wireless companies from many areas made up of "Open Handset Alliance" announced joint development first for mobile devices to create a truly open and complete platform, the platform name for Android.Google, Qualcomm, t-mobile, HTC, Motorola and other companies to work together through the "Open Handset Alliance" Collection from different national of technology and phone industry leadership manufacturers of efforts common development Android platform. figure for: open phone Union of Android platform publicity pictures however, Symbian, and Nokia, and Microsoft and Apple is are different degree of said in addition to no attention this platform of attitude. After all it is a based almost for zero of platform, and also no a prototype, and currently has mature of Symbian, and Windows Mobile, and S60, and Compared to the operating systems or platforms such as MAC OS monster beats solo, there is no particular advantage. Nokia simply said: "we do not consider Android OS to be a threat." Microsoft marketing team member Scott Windows Mobile said: "it sounds like to a group of people trying to develop a mobile phone, while the same things we have been doing for five years". Symbian of statement is: "I does not understand they do of thing can produced more large of effects". for open phone Union OHA,UIQ company is very modest of said: "we will giving attention, but we of platform is real tip up of powerful platform," Apple of statement for "we and Google of cooperation relationship does not change, he is we of a important cooperation partners monster beats studio, especially in iPhone Shang". on open phone Union OHA and Android platform, and In particular Google mobile products based on this platform, we Zhongguancun online mobile channels will be given sustained attention.

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More advanced than the E90 q key LG vx10000 touc

Beijing time on October 3, 2007, United States moved operators Verizon launched a paragraph LG VX10000 phone, the machine also was called "Voyager", it of shape design and zhiqian Nokia launched of E90 some similar casque monster ibeats, are is side cap style. However this paragraph VX10000 Shang cap used of is touch screen type design, saves has physical keyboard, thus orders whole Department phone has two block large screen, to user brings better of Visual effect. figure for LG VX10000 phone has a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard design of LG VX10000 built a 2 million pixel camera head, the machine supports a maximum 8GB microSD card expansion, easy for users to store more files. in addition to LG VX10000 music player supporting formats such as MP3, WMA and AAC file playback, users can also download music over a network, Online watch TV. with support for EV-DO, and also in the 3G working in a network environment, so LG VX10000 the download rate is also very high. the machine will be listed at the end of November monster beats pro, the current official also did not disclose the price of LG VX10000. LG VX10000 mobile LG VX10000 mobile phone

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